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Tamper Resistant Bait Stations Safe and effective rodent control

Sreepesto solutions offer a wide range of tamper resistant bait stations to effectively control rats and mice. Developed and tested in-house, the bait stations protect the bait inside, whilst containing internal features that encourage rodents to enter and feed freely.
The highly effective bait stations are installed by a Rentokil Technician to ensure safe rodent control that:
Protects your business against litigation, lost profits and damaged reputation
Ensures your rodent control complies with health and safety regulations
Keeps staff, customers and the general public safe from inadvertent harm
Fully tested and approved by the Rentokil European Technical Centre, the bait stations have been designed to deter inquisitive pets or children attempting access. Available in plastic or metal, the bait stations are suitable for a number of locations and can be secured to a wall or the ground. For complete peace of mind, in areas where children and the general public may have access, Rentokil recommend usage of the metal bait station.

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Tamper Resistant Bait Stations Safe and effective rodent control

Plastic bait station, general purpose rodent control
Sree pest india tamper resistant plastic bait station is ideal for external use. The box is available in black or green. Other coloured bait stations available at additional costs. Manufactured in tough polypropylene with a secure single lock, the plastic bait station can be firmly secured to a wall or ground. Tested to withstand a “pull weight” in excess of 15kg on the top corner of the bait station and 30kg at the center, the plastic bait station resists practically any unauthorized entry.

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Metal bait station, extra safe rodent control
The metal bait station is designed for external use in all locations including those where the plastic bait station may not be sufficiently secure. The metal construction allows for use in high risk areas where children have access. Secured with a unique key and supplied with a customer warning label, the bait station remains tamper resistant to kicking and heavy loads – it stays locked up to a vertical load of 350kg.

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Bait Station Locations
Sreepesto solutions bait stations are suitable for varying weather conditions and are strong enough to prohibit entry or destruction by pets and children. Since the bait stations are capable of being locked and secured, they resist efforts to move or displace the contents. In high risk areas, especially where children have access, the metal bait station offers additional resistance and remains secure from any inquisitive activity.