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Before you start using an insect fogger or other foggers, it’s important to know how fogs work so you can use the equipment correctly and in the right context.
First, it is important to know that there is a difference between a fog and a mist.
Fog produced from a fogger has very small droplets of solution, 50 microns in diameter or less. For comparison, a human hair is about 100 microns in diameter. This results in a true fog, where the droplets are nearly imperceptible. They remain suspended in the air until they evaporate.

Fogging Machine Services in Hyderabad

Particles that are 50-100 microns in diameter are called mists. Mist particles will fall out of the air and coat the surrounding surfaces in the solution. This isn’t to say they are not as good as fogs, but they will perform a different function.

Different equipment will produce different results, so it is key when using insect foggers, electric foggers, or ULV foggers to understand your purpose and goals when using these products. For example, the target droplet size for pest control fogging should be small, but under 10 microns, the product can evaporate out of the air faster than it can affect the target insects. Conversely, if the droplets are too large, they won’t be able to remain suspended in the air and will coat the ground instead.

Fogging: Things To Consider

1. India’s first electrical flying insect-control system
2. Running costs are very low
3. Economically priced
4. Safe! Plastic coated S.S. guards are provided
5. Available in a range of models
6. Power gets disconnected while removing the collection tray for cleaning as a safety point.
7. Also available with sleeved (shatterproof) tubes.


POF – 2T with 2 standard lamps of 15 W, UVA.
Dimensions: 57 cms (L) x 15.5 cms (W) x 28 cms (H)
Weight: 6.2 Kgs.
Power Consumotion: Approx. 55 Walts.
POF – 4T with 4 standard lamps of 15 W, UVA.
Dimensions: 57 cms (L) x 15.5 cms (W) x 34 cms (H)
Weight: 8.5 Kgs.
Power Consumotion: Approx. 85 Walts.