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Bird Pro Solution in Hyderabad - Sreepesto Solutions India Pvt Ltd


The bird problem faced by commercial office buildings, factories and warehouses has become a point of concern for many. Bird droppings are acidic and are known to transfer diseases and cause structural damage in the long run. In an effort to curb this problem, Sreepesto Solutions has stepped in to provide humane solutions.


Sreepesto Solutions range of unique products serves to stop birds from entering potential nesting or landing zones.
Netting Solutions – to prevent birds from getting into nooks and crannies to nest.
Bird Spike System – upward pointed spikes prevent birds from landing on platforms and ledges.
Birdwire – tensioned stainless steel wires used to prevent birds from landing on barriers.
BirdPro Trak system – highly discreet track system that conditions the birds to stay away from that particular area.

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